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Monday, December 13, 2010

Winners of comp! Sorry so late!

Well finally, sorry for the delay, I am about to draw the winners of the my Christmas giveaway! All new posts and followers have been added. Now I have seen other people do this and photograph the winners, however I really don't have the best hand writing, and probably spelled half the names wrong so I am just going to be writing them down as they are drawn so you will just have to trust me (but I am a very trustworthy person!)

First up for the $75 voucher in my store is............Susan L

1st runner up.....Alison

2nd runner up.....Stitchybritt (Well this was actually Susan L again! So I had to redraw)

3rd runner up.....Zigsma

So if you have won just drop me an e-mail ( to let me know your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice in prize (see previous post), and prize preference will be given for 1st runner up etc.
Thanks so much for all your nice comments and hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas! Although I am sure will be posting some more finds before then!
Here a little find I forgot to share I got a few weeks back, for only 2 dollars, metres and metres of new vintage rainbow elastic, hooray!


  1. That elastic reminds me of braces kids used to wear to hold their trousers up ... I remember a peddler going up the street selling them when I was under 10 ...

  2. haha, nessaknits is right! I remember those braces!