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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dresses and Vintage Buttons (the best kind)

This week have been hard at work travelling around near and far and got heaps of colourful finds to share, the vintage fair is on next week but dont think my budget will stretch to buying anything there so I had to stack myself up with some bargain goodies to keep me happy...
50s 'Jonathan Logan' Blue Dress and 'B. Altman Paisley Dress

I love this blue dress, such a pretty shelf style bust and made of polished cotton, so shiny and soft! I am also chuffed with the B. Altman dress-they where a big department store in New York and they had a huge fabric department where you could pick out what fabric you wanted your dress made in-back when it was all bespoke! The second one of these in my collection. How I get stuff like this for $15 I do not know.

60s Cream Scallop Shift Dress and 70s Liquorice Stripe Ruffle Dress

I think both of these are fantastic, the first one is so girlie, and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn or Bridgette Bardot. Very fitted with thick textured wool, metal back zipper, its just the perfect winter dress! The next one is a rather dramatic collared dress, I just quite like quirky things like this, need to research labels but as normal finding anything on Australian vintage brands before the 80s is near impossible.

1930s/40s Wool Crepe Lace Trim Dress

Okay, one missing button (I have got heaps to replace it) slight fading around collar, and discolouration to lace (which is easy to retouch) and only slight remains of a label to show it once had one, my 5th pre 50s piece to be found for less than $5. When people tell me they want $3 for something like this you swear in your head, then want to head off quickly before they realise what they have done, even though that sounds stupid. Its always good getting home and looking at it all properly!

60s Floral Shift and 70s Apron Skirt

The purple dress is made of a very thick, almost linen like cotton with metal zip in back, the skirt is pleated so flairs a little, but my $2 apron is one of my top finds, just so cute! Cut longer in the back with ruffled edge and embroidered top, just wish my partner deserved cookies so could bake but still on strike.

60s Blue Pocket Dress and 70s Sherbet Block Mini Dress

Photos do not do justice to the little blue dress, its edged with white stitching and has pretty buttons on the pockets, the matching belt has no buckle just a tie so looks much better as a head band. The Sherbet dress is funny, looks quite old with a metal zipper in the back, I didnt think we got colours like this till the 80s but rethinking that with this one-it must be earlier.

80s 'Botties' Hawaiian Shirts

The lady told me that Botties back in the day was where all the celebs and rockstars headed for a loud shirt, and I picked up 3 for $10! This first one is my favourite, just as cut really long in the back. Just like I could see the pucci signature on my scarf across the room, I can do a similar thing with old Hawaiian shirts, and can spot the good from the naff a mile off.

70s Terry Towel Bikini and 50s Blue Pinup Bathing Suit

I have always wanted one of these fantastic old swimsuits (who hasnt?) but even 'cheap ones' tend to be over $50, so was very chuffed to come across this in mint condition! Summer is nearly over but got to give this a trial run before the hot weather goes.

..and the rest- Heaps of Colourful Finds!

A heap of fun colourful finds at a $2 garage sale, best ones are rainbow stripy cardi and the 'onion and pepper' print dress both in the center.

Spanish Leather Bag, Bambi and Brooches

The big leather backpack was bought by a lady in Spain about 30-40 years ago, its really solid and well made, with stud feet on the bottom and cute carry handle, I think its something to do with bullfighting but it will make a quirky handbag! Next my very own Bambi with some cute brooches I found. It belonged to someones Grandma-thats always the best stuff-and has such a nice face!

The BEST Chocolate Buttons EVER!

Okay these are so much better than glass buttons I got last week-a pressie from my mum, she told me she found them and didnt believe her! The prefect gift for a vintage/chocolate fan!
Blog done and racing to Byron Markets to get the AMAZING pizza Loca before they close. Hope everyone had a great week! Cant wait to check out the other finds at Sophies! Be there or be square as they say...


  1. Great Finds, I love the purple foral dress, hope you enjoyed your pizza
    Melissa x

  2. oh my goodness...did you find these all in one day!? You have the best luck! I am loving the paisley one! And the Brown one with the fancy neck...I actually thought you were wearing a scarf, it's wonderful! Well done you!

  3. my!!!
    i just don't know where to look first...
    i am impressed by the first four dresses, i like them all... and i'm not a dress lover! and i also really like the stripey 'poncho' crochet in that collection. it reminds me of my youth. i think i used to make them! ha ha ha...

  4. Wow you scored big and some of those dresses are divine - the wool crepe and lace number, divine!!

  5. i have never found any
    vintage clothing
    of this quality in france
    luckily i concentrate
    on french vintage objects
    no way i could compete with you
    great finds

  6. Wow girl, I don't know how you do it. I am in awe. And everything always looks so great on you. That cream dress is just stunning. I love Hotel Chocolat - haven't seen those vintage buttons before, yum. Your mum sounds like a top gift giver - chocolate and Ossie Clark!

    Ps. Glad to hear you are heading back to the UK at some point, I hope you have as much luck over here.

  7. I am blown away. Some of your most beautiful dresses yet I'd say. You've also inspired me to buy some Hotel Chocolat vintage chocs for my best mates birthday. Have a good week

  8. Just LOVE the stuff you find! It's crazy that you're talking about losing the hot weather, it's just starting to warm up here! The e-world is so small :)

  9. as always, you find the MOST amazing stuff!