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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ossie, Ossie, Ossie....

I have been having fun this week repairing some precious items and finding treasures forgotten (sort of). After buying a '1950s' dress off ebay for 21.50 at a bit of a punt as was badly marked and my heart sank when arrived covered in bright red ink marks and heaps of grubby black marks. After a bit of spot treatment with various stuff on cotton buds and a good soak its come out gleaming new! As a bonus it is a beautiful 40s piece with full set of buttons and totally original with full circle skirt (took me hours to hand sew the hem last night to secure it).

I also came across a little jacket I had forgotten about which reminded me how far I have come. I knew nothing other than the obvious when I first started out, it was my eye for quality alone that made me discover pieces before I knew of the label. I would always be surprised when I came across a piece I thought was special to find it truly was and it would often lead me onto finding out more about other connected labels too.

Anyway I had to list my these 2 special dresses-unfortunately not found at a flea market or charity shop (still dreaming one day....) before I list my finds.

Happy Birthday to me... well a little late but this is what I got from my mum! She has become a vintage hunter now, and a rather impressive one at that. Needless to say these are 2 of my most prized dresses, Ossie Clarke is one of my favourite all time designers if not the top one so I hope these will grown in number over time-dont think I could ever have too many Ossie Dresses!
OSSIE CLARK For Radley Moss Crepe Red Dress

OSSIE CLARK Moss Crepe Brown Maxi Dress apart from my 21.50 ebay dress these are my flea market finds this week....

GORDON KING 50s Style 70s Novelty Greek Pots Dress

Super cute 50s 'PIN UP' style top this is very unusual print, but very nice cut with nice cut to skirt in what I sure is rayon as hangs really nicely.

Vintage 80s KAMIKAZE 'Southern Comfort' Novelty Print Dress

This is such a cute little dress for only $2!!! You cant see the print on this picture well but its covered in abstract mermaids, guitars, music notes, fish on plates and flying pelicans. Really nice cut with a full skirt too-cant go wrong at that price but was chuffed with this!

ADELE Vintage 50s SEASHELL Bag with Lucite Handle

It may have a slightly chipped shell but this bag is just fantastic, 50s kitsch at its best. Otherwise this looks unused!!!

Vintage 80s/90s? Rod Alexander BLACK LACE Suit with Beads

Not heard of this name before, could find very little out but this suit is amazing. The skirt is super full and goes with so many other things too! A bargain find at Vinnies yesterday!

Vintage MALCOLM STARR Velvet FLOWER Applique Bolero Jacket

So when I found this little jacket for $4 on the childrens fancy dress rail I had no idea what this label was but I thought it certainly needed saving from certain death just because it was so cool, and it wasn't a kids size, but old ladies put my dresses through as 'tops' or 'skirts' all the time in charity shops so pays to be on the look out everywhere. I was pretty surprised to find out its actually a rather high end piece and in mint condition. The colours are so bright and velvet so soft, I want it to get colder so I can wear it! Always check fancy dress!!!

Velvet Layered 'CUPCAKE' Skirt

This has nothing to do with cupcakes, other than when I wear it I feel like one, I like dresses and skirts that do that. Not a cheap Barbie cupcake mind you but the sort you get in really expensive bakery's in the top streets in town when even the casing is decorated with ribbons. Although is verging on a gothic cupcake-probably with blackberry in it or something, getting off the subject now-but its a gorgeous piece-maybe modern but I dont care heaps of layers trimmed with ribbon that fades between pinks and purply blues and very nice full shape.

Vintage 40s IVAN FREDERICK Lemon Shirtwaist Dress
Formally trashed and now sparkly new, this beautiful dress is so simple but classic. Made out of a heavy fabric of what I believe to be Rayon its got a full skirt with gorgeous turn up point cuffs. Photos do not go this justice but it really is stunning. Yay for ebay and soap!

FASHION 2001 Book-1982

This is so funny, written in 1982 its the view on every top top top designer of the time on what fashion will be like in 2001. Interview each have an outfit from the designer to illustrate what they think it will be like. Needless to say-very 80s.

Vintage Box 'O' Pins

I needed some new pins, couldn't say no to these shiny beauties for $1.
Last but not least, after being instructed by mum to 'keep my eye out for nice buttons' I have found these sets, all glass, I especially love the yellow lattice ones with B.G.E Orig written on the back!

Thanks for visiting, and to everyone who leaves comments so thank you so much for your time!


  1. Oh Oh Oh! Your Ossies are just gorgeous, lucky lucky birthday girl. Was the 50s bag a bargain? I think I would go into cardiac arrest if I found some of these things in charity shops around here! I'm off to Frock Me Vintage Fair on Sunday though, have found a few good things there before so wish me luck!

  2. Good lord, that Crepe Red Dress is ah-mazing. Glad you've had a good week x

  3. Oh wow. I'm green with envy. Love those first two dresses, especially the red one. What a lovely style!