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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Restoration Project Part 2

I seem to have some luck find really old stuff, my best find of the week-other than the beautiful 30s wedding dress in my last post, I found a dress for $5, I though it was very pretty, but didnt think much more than that as was distracted by vintage fairs util I came to try it on. I had already told my mum it felt like very old rayon, like pre 50s, you just dont find stuff like it anymore as they changed it slightly over time because it used to mark easily in rain etc but the real ive away was popper up the side to fasten, and such a simple but very effective cut and an intelligent use of fabric patterns. I am sure this is a 40s piece and in mint condition! Looks home made but even home sewers had a pretty high level of skill with access to patterns that would set you back a small fortune themselves these days!

40s Floral Rayon Dress and David Jones 60s Jackie O Dress and Jacket

Super colourful print on the 40s dress, I am so chuffed with this one, and although the dress suit is not my size, someone is going to love the simple Jackie O styling!

50s Scarlet Velvet Circle Skirt Dress and South American Alpaca Poncho

Gorgeous lush deep red velvet 50s party dress with super full circle skirt and a vintage real South American Alpaca wool poncho, It has the best collar and tassels to close with heaps of fringing ans a cute little alpaca on front and back. Front my fabric experience I am sure this is alpaca wool too, its very soft and lighter than wool but so warm (not fun modelling when over 30c)
How cute is this little guy!

Chic White Linen Blazer

So this is on the plain side compared to my normal psychedelic taste in clothes but I like plain things for when just racing to the shops of something, and with a t-shirt and denim shorts this has such a gorgeous cut to it. Just really smart, versatile and comfy too!

Restoration Project Part 2

So how am I doing with my 30s wedding dress from yesterday? Well have a look at the water after it had been in there a few hours! The stains are still showing but much lighter but very hard to judge when wet as they look so much worse.

So to drying (after a work out rinsing it so carefully!) using my fold up washing line placed flat over the bath I let most of the water drip off over night.
Following morning I transfer it to hanging and 24 hours later its getting there. Its important you move it around well so no damp areas left, pretty obvious that one, but my most difficult part is next. I always like to learn new things so this has become a good chance to check out run by a 'master dyer' so have contacted them to find out what colour is best, and if someone like me could get good results, having little experience dying fabric.

After removing the shoulder pads I am probably going to re stuff them as padding has bunched up unevenly. Although I think I would try and use something a little more old fashioned like folds of taffeta rather than 80s style puffy stuffing, so a good reason to properly research old shoulder pads too
Looking brighter already, and my careful washing cause no damage or weakening-Hooray!

Thanks so much for visiting and your comments, and for more fabulous finds check out Sophies site!


  1. Hiya. How cool is that 40s dress print? And I really like your white blazer too. Thanks for all these tips on vintage clothing restoration, am finding it really interesting.

    Lakota x

  2. That Jackie O number is my favourite. Love the cut and the colour.