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Friday, December 2, 2011

Vintage Australian Designer Sale!

So this is one of the reasons I have been very busy! Getting all my Christmas items ready to list on ebay: As I plan on heading home pretty soon I am selling my collection of Australian vintage from all the top designers of the decades, have some VERY special items and if you know anyone interested please spread the word. I am hoping to use these funds to set up my store back home so hence parting with some of my top pieces.

I have also been working on my new little veggie and herb garden in the nice weather so will share some picture next week!

Norma Tullo 1960s Wool Dress

This dress is such a classic, and Tullo dresses are super collectible. I think this is a pretty early piece and so nicely made!

House of Youth Silk? 50s 60s Swing Coat

House of Youth are the company that exclusively produced the Christian Dior ready to wear line from 1952. I am sure you can see the influence in this piece. I am sure it is woven silk, such amazing fabric and looks unworn. Buttons are huge and the silk is lined separate to the coat lining. You can see the high end of work that Christian Dior would have been happy with! Hens teeth is the word to describe this one and would look perfectly at home in Paris during the Spring.

Studibaker Hawk Gold 80s Cocktail Mini Dress

An Australian legend of the 80s! Only the coolest chicks rocked these prom dresses to their formals. I LOVE the mini dresses with the puffy skirts, been after one for ages but you cant be picky in this business you get what comes to you, and this has the most amazing print and shape to the bust its lack of puffiness can be forgiven.

Prue Acton 60s Raw Silk Embroidered Dress

The fabric on this is fantastic, saw the same dress for sale at nearly $300 a while ago! The embroidery collar makes it a real statement piece and perfect for festivals provided you posses a VIP pass!

Prue Acton 80s Silk Taffeta Plaid Party Dress

Another fab offering from the legendary Prue.

Chong & Merkel 80s Vamp Cocktail Dress

Now this one is terribly underground, referred to in their day as 'fringe' designers, Rose Chong and Karen Merkel are still in the fashion business today but a lot more reserved than in their youth! They catered for the music and entertainment industry, producing designs for many productions and bands, I'm sure the odd red carpet too. This would look right at home in any of the above, amazing shaping to flatter curves, a pretty rare find!

1950s Peach Lace Circle Rockabilly Swing Dress

A few of my regular offerings to boost up the Christmas stock too, this fab 50s dress with full skirt and....

Diane Freis 80s Pussy Bow Ruffle Dress

So colourful and pretty, you have to love a pussy bow!!

Am uploading these amazing gthings tomorrow along with a heap more names over the next couple of weeks: Ken Done, Farmers, George Gross, Geoff Bade, Harry Who, and more! Check out my store to see more!

I am also off to the markets early on Sunday to hunt for something groovy for sacramento who is my partner on the groovy Christmas swap organised by Lakota over at the brilliant Faith Hope and Charity Shopping blog! Fingers crossed!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed my little selection of Australian goodies.


  1. Hey you - how DO you find such fabulous stuff - lucky Sacremento I say! I am really rather in love with the black Chong and Merkel, with the Prue Acton and Studibaker Hawk just behind. I think all those teen movies I watched in the 80s must have had a subliminal effect on me...

  2. I think I'll have to check your items out!

  3. Tha ti soooooooo kind of you. I will eamil you my home address, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!