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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Je T'aime Vintage Circa 1984 & Family

I didn't realise it had been that long since I have blogged! I feel pretty slack, but to be honest have had very little time to go search my usual haunts and anything I do pick up is currently being packed up in boxes to send home for my future store. I know I want to have it in the UK not here so its pointless a whole room of my house being over run with stuff I don't plan to sell for a while. Secondly I seem to be doing full time hours at work, most of it being called in on my days off so when you think your going to have time to do stuff and it suddenly vanishes-means I have just about had enough time to keep my 2 work shirts clean, cook and food shop. I do have a few treasures to share but until I have time to photograph that here is a little bit about my destiny!

Although I love my vintage clothing, I really love my job as a zoo keeper. Not only is it so much fun and you can muck about and act like a kid, wearing feathers in your hairs and getting your face painted but I have been obsessed with animals since was tiny and these photos were taken when I was on holiday visiting my (very cool) Uncle aged 2.

Me in Australia-1984

My mum ended up writing to a zoo to ask if I could hold a monkey when I was a little older. Now I am not sure it was because of this, or this happened on the day but it was the same zoo I had a full on toddler tantrum, lying down screaming blue murder and smacking my fists because I was not allowed to take a monkey home. The zoo shall remain nameless as would like to apply for a job there in the future.

Aged about 6 or 7 my mum made a little book for me because I used to keep chickens and ducks and this is one of the pages out of it! I really didn't have ginger hair, it was dark reddish brown.

So where am I now and what am I doing? Well I got my dream job! Its been fun working there more and we are getting heaps more animals in and getting to design enclosures and develop new talks is great. I hope they are starting to realise I am a pretty good worker, as have often been overlooked before. I don't usually dress as a pirate of course but this was for our Halloween party! The first one is Cocky...

Me in Australia Halloween 2011

 ...and this is Micheal, he can be pretty naughty but also very affectionate, I love birds.

I also had these sent to me by my mum of my Auntys and Uncles in the 60s and 70s! They are a very groovy bunch and loved seeing these pictures I have never seen before.

The Cook Family on Holiday in Italy

The outfits are so brilliant, I am very jealous! My Granny is in the middle with my 2 Aunties Wendy and Penny. Penny, wearing yellow- due to my brothers dyslexia when he was little (Aunty 'Pennys' coming to visit today written Aunty Penis) has been called Aunty Penis since I can remember and as a result has received novelty penis gifts (shaped pasta, chocolates, balloons etc) at Christmas. Do not pity her though, this is the same women that delivered my wooden rocking horse to my mum (I was 2) with a huge dildo strapped underneath which not only got my mum some funny looks from the packing men when we moved house, but also was stolen by my older brother and used during a school Shakespeare play when he came out on stage with it strapped to his head and delivered the line 'Oh horn-ed beast' which got my mum dragged in for a meeting with the headmaster.

Below is Wendy, isn't she pretty and has a lovely outfit. Unfortunately she is a crap person, in many many ways. I highly doubt she would read this, but I wouldn't be bothered if she did, there is a reason I have successfully avoided her for the last 20 years of my life and will continue to do so. I'm not all bitter about anything, I am just a very cheerfully honest person.

Now how is this for a cool chap! I have always loved uncle Colin, he lived out in Australia which is probably why I thought the place was so awesome. I think this was taken in 70s? when he was in the RAF. When I visited him he sat me in the back of his ute and drive around near birds nests who attacked me, probably not your average idea of a good uncle but I loved it!

Hope you enjoyed my vintage pictures! If anyone remembers me that is!


  1. Welcome back - I've been wondering where you've been! Excellent photos and insight into how little Aimee became the fashion Steve Irwin! You and the orangutan are adorable together, and love your very stylish family pics - dresses really were short back in the day, weren't they?

  2. I hadn't realised you were a zoo keeper - how fantastic!

  3. How do you feel about us swaping???
    I am game if you are, yeahhhhhhhhh

  4. Following and adding you to my blogroll now, yeahhhhhhhhhh

  5. Sending you my wish list:
    Secondhand dress or skirt size 14.
    Please send me yours...
    Ps: no scarf Or ornaments...

  6. What a great trip down memory lane Loved the pic of you and teh loved monkey I always wanted one as a kid too.